A series of 12 events on Sunday afternoons – “A neighbourhood called dream”

It was a series of 12 Sunday afternoon events with live Greek music, dancing and Greek food, with different flavour suggestions in each event. More than 800 people dropped by and had fun all together as a group, creating a cultural chain of people from different cultural backgrounds who wished to experience and have fun like Greeks.

The objective of the events was, for all of us, united as a group, to spend our Sunday afternoons tasting Greek dishes, listening to live Greek music and having fun with Greek dancing…

The vision was to contribute to the return of all Greeks to their reference point – the Greek Community. At the same time, we aimed to offer our guests an experience of Greece, its music, dance, cuisine and food.

Venue: Local Greek Community

Duration of event: January to April 2014.

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22 February 2018


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