«2nd Mediterranean Music festival»

«2nd Mediterranean Music festival»

"Mediterranean Music Festival" is a ship sailing in historic ports of the Mediterranean: Venice, Valencia, Istanbul, Izmir, Thessaloniki, Beirut, Palermo Alexandria ... The load is precious: Music & Songs from the Mediterranean yesterday, today and tomorrow. Sounds of Turkish traditional and classical music, southern Balkans (Thrace), traditional Arabic music, inexhaustible and rich Persian music, Cretan poetical "patches" and colorful folk music from Sicily will flood the Skansen Kronan in Gothenburg and Finlandshuset conference in Stockholm. Four sets of 15 musicians from five different countries (Iran, Canada, Turkey, Greece and Switzerland) all they will contribute to this.

The idea of ​​making such a musical festival is Mediterranean culture in Scandinavia and in connection with the international political and cultural reality. The musical heritage of the Mediterranean and the surrounding countries, to the western classical music is intertwined in years. For many years there has been a continuous flow, a constant movement that led to the exchange of cultural influences on traditions and musical idioms. Many items have been found in the music of these countries today, both in terms of rhythmic patterns, musical instruments, and even entire musical themes.

The aim of the "Mediterranean Music Festival" is to show the artistic interplay between different cultures during the history of history, which led to a common, more or less musical tradition in the Mediterranean.

Wednesday 02 March, 2016, Goteborg: Greece - The Rembetiko Guitar Project


Rembetiko Guitar is in Greek Urban Music since the 19th century.

Although it was an important instrument in all forms of folk orchestras, most had a role to play in folk evolution, because large solo instruments (violin, Santouri, Oud, Bouzouki) could not play the rhythmic role decently. In a few cases, the guitar works as the leading instrument. On the players' hands, a true beauty, it is not static or limited, shines and develops while adapting to cultural and aesthetic movements in Greece. In the Rembetiko Guitar Project, there are three guitars, with alternating roles reciting sorrows and pleasures, while talking about love, separation, human feelings and weaknesses, composing colorful Greek duck cloths.

• Dimitris Mystakidis: Guitar (Greece)
• Orestis Kalampalikis: Guitar classic (Greece)
• Yiannis Tziallas: Guitar (Greece)

Thursday 03 March 2016 Goteborg: Iran - Persia - Ensemble "Regard Persan Trio"


Founded by three Iranian musicians, Regard Persan Trio is an innovative concept where each member is investigating a new sound of Persian music through their respective instruments. Tanburen (first-hand instrument Kurdish dervishes), played by Pooria Pournazeri, heir to a great family of musicians. Innovative musicians Saeed Kamjoo plays gheychak, (a curved instrument used by Qalandars in Baluchistan) and kamancheh (another string instrument). The rhythmic colors of the ensemble are assumed by the percussionist, Ziya Tabassian. Between tradition and modernity, the music of Regard Person Trio is developed to create contemporary music that lifts the audience out of time, to travel with the music.

• Saeed Kamjoo: Gheychak & Kamantsche (Iran)
• Pooria Pournazeri: Tanbour (Iran)
• Ziya Tabassian: Schlaginstrumente (Iran - Canada)

Friday 04 March 2016 Gothenburg: Turkey - Yaprak Sayar Quartet


The classical Ottoman music, dance with different kinds of dance music, characterizes the musical reality of Turkey. A group of the most famous and most talented female musicians in Turkey, the band Yaprak Sayar Quartet is reflected in this reality.
Music instruments like the Kanun, the Turkish lyric and the cello are used in such a virtuoso way by the musicians, where both the classic Turkish music and the folk music from the country are best described. The ensemble performs melodies that are popular in Turkey, the Aegean and the Balkans.

• Yaprak Sayar: Vocal (Turkey)
• Neva Cansin Gülses Yerden; Lira (Turkey)
• Kadriye Bozkurt: Kanun (Turkey)
• Aslihan Parlak: Cello (Turkey)

Saturday 05 March 2016, Goteborg: Thrace (Boulgaria, Greece, Turkey) - Ensemble «Lalitades from Rodopi»
Rodopibergen, the largest mountain range in Thrace, combines three different countries with different musicians and the people from those countries come closer to the product. People from Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.

Lalitades from Rhodope is a musical group that appeared musically in the boundaries of the three countries. They started playing at weddings, in festivals and parties now they have created a unique musical color that embraces and maintains people in all three countries. Karsilamades, tsiftetelia, chasapika, zeibekikos singing who travel from Thraki to reach an authentic way in our ears. A musical party with sounds from the north-eastern Mediterranean.

Thrace (Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey) - Ensemble Lalitades of Rodopi
• Nikos Aggousis: Clarinet (Greece)
• Kyriakos Petras: Violine (Greece)
• Alkis Zopoglou: Kanun (Switzerland-Greece)
• Giorgos Pangosidis: Toubeleki (Greece)
• Drosos Koutsokosta: Gesang (Greece)


12 December 2018


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